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Curried Yellow Tomato Jam (or Ketchup)


This is special. Curried Yellow Tomatoes.

Beautifully hued jars belong on the window sill!

I found a treasure at the farmers market last Thursday, the very last of the organic farm’s yellow tomatoes. They were so intrigued by my excitement and description of my curried ketchup, they cut me a deal on the cost if I bought more than 10 lbs and promised to bring a jar to the next market. DONE! I bought 13 lbs, kindly left a few for other shoppers.

Tomato jam is lovely. While out feeding my local foods/ farmer’s market addiction, I had a pot of it (5 lbs tomatoes) macerating on the stove, buying more tomatoes was a little reckless. I’m very keen on making more work for myself, growth by challenge! Tomatoes, like peaches, represent the glorious months of summer, the essence of the sun right in those orbs, who doesn’t want that all winter long? As I’m writing this I have roasted tomato soup on the stove to pressure can later (it was supposed to be salsa, but then I read this post by Hanna Queen of Honey and Jam and swooned). Once you’ve made Curried Yellow Tomato Jam, aka curried ketchup, you’ll be transported to a warm, sun-drenched, earthy, golden hued place every time you eat it.. on anything.

One pot cooking, one pot being prepped.

Notes: I made 2 big batches of 6.5 lbs each, it took quite a long 1 1/2-2  hours to cook down (each pot was different!). Because of it’s long to cook time, I recommend adding your spices once it appears to be thickening, like in a good tomato sauce, you don’t want to over cook the spice. I’m giving directions for less poundage. This has less sugar by weight, I found the end jam to be sweeter than red even so, if your yellow tomatoes are sweet, cut the sugar a bit more, but not the acid, keep in mind heirloom tomatoes are barely on the border of high/ low acid. I used 4 oz jars, and a few 8 oz. makes about 7- 8oz jars (or many, many 4 oz).

Curried Yellow Tomato Jam (Ketchup)

6 lbs yellow tomatoes ( cored, chopped unpeeled!)

3 cups organic sugar

1/3 cup organic lemon juice (it is preservative free)

2 tblsp really good curry mix, preferably whole spiced (grind with a mortar and pestle or spice grinder)

1 tblsp salt

Put tomatoes, sugar and lemon juice in a big stock pot over medium heat, bring to a boil, stirring frequently. Lower heat to simmer, and cook down, still stirring to keep the jam from sticking and burning. Let this cook until it’s thickened up and reduced in quantity to about half, it should take 1 – 1 1/2 hours. Once the jam has begun to thicken, add the curry and the salt. (This leaves plenty of time to prepare your boiling water bath canner and jars). Puree jam with an immersion blender, or in small batches in your food processor, bring up to a boil again, then turn off heat.

Ladle into prepared jars, tap them on the counter to dispel air bubbles, leaving a 1/4 inch head space. Wipe rims of jars, put on prepared lids and rings and process for 10 minutes in prepared canner. Turn heat off, leave lid on and let rest 5 minutes more, this help insure a good seal.

Place jars on a dishtowel and leave undisturbed for 12-24 hours. Then test for seal, remove rings and wipe jars down. Store in a cool, dry place for up to a year.

This is so good with strong cheddar and onions, french fries, a spoon.

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Author: Tamika

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