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Hot Sauce Pirate!


Avast, ye scurvy blog readers! I’m taking over this ship with explosive Hot Sauce!

(ok probably not scurvy, you all eat fresh foods with vitamin C, I’m guessing)

Ok, enough of that.. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Husband who obsessively makes hot sauce, mustard and sauerkraut. This time of year, it’s all hot sauce, all the time. I am told I plant too many pepper plants, but I just can’t understand what that means. If my wife didn’t insist on room for such insignificant things as tomatoes, herbs, beans, chard, beets, eggplant, kale, it would just be all peppers. Ok, I know what you’re thinking, and I agree, everyone needs a ton of Kale. But I could manage a kale and pepper garden.

This year, I started my seeds late. So while I have harvested a few pounds of ripe peppers, I also just pulled my plants and harvested nearly twenty pounds of green peppers, who are now in catering trays in the garage, ripening

a lovely capsaicin bath

So I understand that Tamika was talking about me, and that some of you were actually interested in a hot sauce recipe. So here I am, and even at this moment, I am still trying to decide what recipe to share. The mango smoked paprika scotch bonnet seems to be the biggest crowd pleaser, but it almost seems passe after all the wacky flavor combinations I have experimented on. There is the fig whiskey, the tamarind rum molasses, the mustard cumin, the beet carrot horseradish, lime and sugar… I just get an inspiration and create. It’s like painting a picture that makes the viewer sweat.

vitamin A&C, potassium, and Fire!

OK, I have decided. It will be the Mango and Smoked Paprika. All of my recipes make 1/2 gallon, about 1 doz. 5oz woozy bottles.

I call this one ‘Fruit on Fire’

10-16 Scotch Bonnet Peppers (depending on how hot you like)

1 red bell pepper

1 lg onion

4 garlic cloves

1 can organic mango chunks, juice included

1.5 Tbsp Smoked Paprika

apprx 4-5 cups white vinegar, 5% acidity

With all hot sauce recipes, I make a puree of the non-hot pepper ingredients first.

Oven roast, grill, saute, or steam the bell pepper, onion and garlic until soft enough to puree. If you grill the bell, remove the skin before pureeing (is that really a word? spell check didn’t argue) I use a blender, I find I get a better consistency than in the food processor. Add the mango and the paprika to the other non-spicy ingredients in the blender and puree really well. When it isĀ  all smooth, pour into a half gallon jar.

Next, saute or steam the hot peppers. USE GLOVES!!! I usually remove about half of the seeds, or all for a milder sauce.. Sometimes I leave them all when I’m feeling a little more sadistic (or masochistic as the case may be). I usually steam them in a pot with a spout, and stand over it, breathing in the fumes as they steam out.. It makes me cough, but clears me out sooo good. I recommend it for anyone with a cold or allergies. When they are soft, (but not overcooked-so keep an eye on them) transfer to blender. You need a little liquid to puree them, so if the steaming water isn’t enough, add just a little vinegar.

Puree, puree, puree! get it as smooth as you can- it will suspend better in the bottles. Pour into the jar with the other ingredients, and then top off the jar with vinegar- there will probably be room for about four more cups. Put the lid on the jar, and shake well.

It doesn’t have to be bottled right away, you can let it mellow for a while. When you do bottle it, pour the contents of the jar into a 3qt saucepan, and bring to 195*. This will kill any lurking badness. Sterilize your woozies, and fill with a small funnel and a ladle. Carefully!


Arrrrrhh, I’ll return the ship to it’s rightful mistress now… Thanks for reading!

Author: Tamika

Creating Life

5 thoughts on “Hot Sauce Pirate!

  1. Arrggghhh! Matey, that’s some wicked hot sauce! xoxoM

  2. Yay! My boyfriend has been begging me for hot sauce, but I didn’t have any good recipes!

  3. I was wondering if you can expand a bit on the bottling part of the instructions? I don’t bottle things, but I do can. Can I can this hot sauce? Would I use water bath or pressure canner? Thanks for the info. can’t wait to try it…hoping my farmer’s market has hot peppers this weekend.

    • Yes, you can can hot sauce, in a water bath canner. Process for 15 minutes with 1/2 inch head space. You cannot can it in the ‘woozies’, (bottles for hot sauce). When bottling, you simply put the hot sauce, heated to 195*, into the sterilized bottles and screw on the caps. Store in a cool dry place like your canned goods. Hot sauce has a vinegar ratio of 40%, it is safe to store, uncanned, for a few months, if unsure, store it in your fridge, it will keep a very long time!

      • Thanks Tamika! Been scouring the net for preserving hot sauce in bottles. Many scientific explanations with no real answers. I do find it hard to believe that, with all of our technology they can’t design a bottle lid for canning bottles. Making this sauce next week too!!

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