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Coming Soon…. Membrillo Paste

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Hurricane or not I had Quince very ripe waiting patiently in a big bowl on the counter (and in a bag on the floor). A half bushel to be precise. That’s over 20 lbs of Quince. I have 2 plans for them. Quince Apple butter and Membrillo paste. I may yet change my mind and make two batches of Membrillo.

We are on day five with no power, we have a generator for our well water and a little electric, which is helpful, but gas is in very short supply so we must run the generator sparingly. Beyond thankful that is all we are enduring. I have friends in Piermont NY ( my hometown) who have lost their homes and businesses, it’s breaks my heart. The Hudson River here feeds into the ocean, it’s a powerful force that came up our way. Community pulling together, uniting to help each other. It’s beautiful to witness.

I’m lucky to have a gas range and be able to cook all that is in my thawing fridge and freezer. And make Membrillo Paste.

I’ll post the recipe and photos once life get’s back to the new normal here.

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