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Changes Happening!

This all started as a blog for a business. BelleJar Canning is the business I have teaching canning and food preservation. Belle Jar Preserves is my ‘cottage’ business canning jams and jellies and selling at fairs and markets and word of mouth. I have been reprimanded by NYS AG and Markets for having a website “selling baked goods” on line. Umm, Okkkaaay (as my daughter says). I emailed wondering how they surmised that. I have not heard back, it’s been weeks. Oops, our tax dollars at work. In the name of safety, I am moving myself out. This will remain my business site for teaching, I’ll post where you can purchase my preserves in the Hudson Valley area, an occasional fun recipe or photo or such, basically keeping it going but not focusing energy here.

In order to continue blogging, creating recipes and generally having fun in the blogging world, I have joined with my friend Buffy and created subRural alchemy, a blog about food, suburban homesteading, kids of all ages, more food, local food, gardens, crafts, sewing, photography, acting in plays. Please visit us in the upcoming weeks. Our first project together will be the annual Dark Days Challenge! I’m so excited to join with the hundred or so other bloggers doing this wonderful learning, sharing experience. Go check it out, I’m sure there is someone in YOUR area doing it!

one egg a day form 13 girls?

subRural alchemy will be FUN for us, and hopefully for you too. It will be one basket I can put all my eggs in (once the girls start laying properly).

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