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Currently Stretched Thin a Bit

I’m not ignoring this site.. really. I’m working on yummy foods and recipes, while teaching. I have been asked to post my gluten free baking recipes, though they really don’t fall into ‘canning’. I’ve had suggestions from professional chef friends that I write a gf cook book, which just the thought of is overwhelming right now. So while I branch out to add more of what I am passionate about, please don’t leave me!

ooey gooey fudgey brownies (gf)

As a ‘former’ professional baker I was crushed to learn of my gluten intolerance about a year and a half ago. I suspected for a while. All that flour I’d been up to my elbows in for so long.. I just never felt well. I hear this a lot now. What ever the cause, mono-culture of grains, less protein in our wheat, too much of a good thing (BREAD AND PASTA) it seems our collective digestive tracts and immune systems are boycotting. I’ve read in Italy they routinely screen children under 5 for Celiac. In ITALY!  Continue reading


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