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Honeyed Pluot Jelly.. and about Pectin

Honeyed Pluot Jelly

Honeyed Pluot Jelly

Generally I’m against jellies. Jelly is juice. Gelled juice. I adore jam, confiture, preserves, anything sweet, soft with fruit in it. Jelly requires time, patience, planning. What making jelly offers though is two fold, jelly for your toast and fruit leather! (New dehydrator, will talk about that soon).

I scored organic Pluots for .58 cents a pound. Nothing is .58 cents a pound anymore, certainly not organic fruit, so I bought 5 lbs. (going back for more). They were quite ripe, drippy, juicy. Fruit for jam and jelly making is best used firm-ripe, with one or two under ripe fruits thrown in for pectin boost. Pectin is the ‘connective tissue’ of the fruit, and the riper the fruit, the more decayed the connective tissues are, you know what I mean, humans are like this too. I am no fan of adding store bought pectin, but I had purchased Pomona’s Universal Pectin, which allows for the most flexibility and creativity of use, and is calcium triggered. Pectin is needed when the fruit ’tissues’ are removed, such as jelly, or for naturally low pectin fruits/ foods. Strawberries, rhubarb,peaches, pears, cherries are all considered low pectin fruits. Quince and apples have the highest concentration, particularly crab apples, which can be used to make pectin itself. Continue reading


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